Universitat Rovira i Virgili


The Department of Computer Engineering and Mathematics (DEIM) is made up of professors and researchers working in different disciplines corresponding to the knowledge areas of computer science, telematics and mathematics. This diversity puts the department in a position to address the latest research and development issues in engineering at various levels, from theory to practice.

The main areas of action of the DEIM are information and communications technologies, applied mathematics, as well as the teaching of mathematics. Specifically, the research lines of the Department's groups are: information security and privacy, artificial intelligence and multi-agent systems, robotics and computer vision, sensors applied to industry, algorithms embedded in physical systems, complex systems, architecture and telematic services, transport phenomena and dynamic systems, code and graph theory, and didactics of mathematics, amongst others. The different research groups of the department constantly collaborate amongs them, but also with other groups from the URV of other discilpines or with other universities around the world.