Universitat Rovira i Virgili

Jordi Duch Gavaldà

Associate Professor

Director of the deparment


Research GroupAlephsys

Research Interests: Complex Networs, Complex Systems, Computational Social Science, Machine Learning Interpretability


I studied Computer Science at University Rovira Virgili where I received my BSc and at Universidad de Murcia where I received my MSc. I got my PhD with honors in the Department of Physics, at Universitat de Barcelona under the supervision of Dr. Alex Arenas. I did a two year postdoctoral stay in the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of Northwestern University. Since 2009 an associate professor of Computer Science at University Rovira Virgili, and I am currently the adjunct to the rector for ICT of the University.  My research is focused on three areas, (i) the analysis of dynamical and topological properties of complex systems, (ii) the use of computation and data analysis tools to study social phenomena and (iii) the study of particular problems on computer science using a data-driven approach (ranging from computer security to human-computer interaction). My research approach is very interdisciplinary, involving collaborations with scientists from economics, education, medicine, or sociology. I currently have more than 7000 citations, with papers published in high impact journals (Science Advances, PNAS) which have been covered by worldwide journals, blogs and newspapers.